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Who doesn’t want to get pocket money and extra? Of course, there are many who want it, especially when you can work on your cellphone and do other activities. Of course, applications like this are highly anticipated and often eagerly awaited.

Nowadays making money with an Android phone is no longer impossible, especially with the presence of the internet where everyone can connect to the network and make transactions on it.

Many young people, aka lay people, are pursuing various types of businesses on the internet, one of which is marketplace activists where they sell goods on social media and take them from online stores such as Tokopedia and Shopee so that they benefit from price differences.

In fact, it is not uncommon for those who work on money-making applications where these kinds of applications are usually circulated among young people to be able to get lots of users or installers. The task is very easy, just invite friends and they will get rewarded for it.

There are also those who only need to watch videos, we can get rupiah coffers and also dollars, for example, like video snacks and also some work of freelancers like rajaview, who is now successfully pioneering the YouTube view service platform.

For those who are curious that just watching videos can earn money, you must be familiar with one of these applications and many YouTubers in Indonesia have discussed that this application really pays.

  1. First, please install =>> A money-making application
  2. You will be directed to the Play Store later
  3. Or else you will be redirected to the original site
  4. Please download then install
  5. Make sure there is enough storage space
  6. After that run the application
  7. Read guide earn money
  8. Do the mission watch the video
  9. Done.
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